Saturday, 3 May 2014


Emmett ~ so excited to help Daddy blow out the candles
Milly ~ Getting ready to go outside, she tells me it's a blue day and she's wearing everything blue.
I love how she doesn't worry about what others think and is so comfortable with herself. I hope she stays that way.
Max ~ those little twinkle toes get me everytime
Leah ~ trying on my latest crochet creation in the afternoon light.
~ That last photo is probably all wrong when it comes down to technique, but I love it anyway. I'm so happy I'm sticking with this project, looking over the photos so far, I'm so pleased I've recorded all those little moments and watching them grow.~
Joining in with Jodi at Practising Simplicity


  1. Mmm...I love me some little toes! Perfectly nomable. Also, the bokeh in the last pic! Fabulous and dreamy. Visiting from Jodi's 52 link up -

    1. Thanks so much Rachel, I think the toes picture is my favourite this week :)

  2. That candle picture is an amazing capture. And those little feet, oh I love little kid feet! I love the words that you said about your Milly. Beautiful and I have the same hope for my daughter. I am visiting from the link up at Practising Simplicity.

    1. Thanks for writing such nice things about my photos Jessica. Little girls are under so much pressure these days with body image, it's my biggest hope that my girls be happy with themselves as they are :)


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